The membership voted at the May meeting that there is to be no general membership meeting in June and August, 2016.

There will be a meeting in July, and you will be notified of details as the meeting approaches.

An Open Letter to President Drake From Concerned Faculty & Staff About the Administrations
Threatening of Expulsion and Arrest of the Peaceful Student Sit in
Media contact:
Prof. Treva Lindsey: (614) 2928339
Prof. Leslie Alexander: (614) 6884110
April 7, 2016
We are faculty, graduate students, and staff who stand in solidarity with #ReclaimOSU. OSU
students occupied Bricker Hall yesterday on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, making demands on the
Administration for greater transparency and justice on campus. We are disheartened and
dismayed by the way the Administration handled the students peaceful sit in with such force.
The Administration flooded Bricker Hall with police and surrounded it with police cars. The
Administration refused students to come and go as they pleased, and they refused to let
supporters drop off food and even homework.
A few faculty were present for portions of the sit in. Three of us asked Jay Kasey, Senior Vice
President of Administration, whether the students were in danger of being arrested or any other
consequences. Kasey and the police captain assured us that as long as the students were
peacefully protesting, they could stay as long as they wanted with no consequences. We asked
several times and each time they responded the same way.
Promptly after all faculty left, Kasey and Mark Evans, Associate Vice President, threatened the
students that if they did not leave by 5 AM, they would have police sweep the building,
physically pick students up and place them in paddy wagons, and expel them. The students
began to strategize what to do next. But as the clock neared midnight, the Administrators
changed their tune. Kasey threatened the students that if they did not leave immediately, they
would be removed and expelled. As Kasey made his threat, more police appeared on the
scene, suggesting imminent arrest. Frightened and alarmed, the students peacefully left the
building, singing protest songs.
To deal with a peaceful student protest with police is shameful. To try to starve students out of
a building is an embarrassment. To threaten expulsion for civil disobedience is unethical.
These intimidation tactics are in direct tension with what we try to teach our students every day:
to be engaged citizens in the world. The Administration should allow our students to peacefully
assemble, without intimidating them with police, without denying them food and homework. Our
world is one that requires a broad range of civic engagement. What our students did last night is
in the long tradition of struggles for justice. What our Administration did is in line with a history
of powerful institutions fearful of being challenged and of changing. We stand with
Leslie Alexander, African American and African Studies
Treva Lindsey, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Amna Akbar, Moritz College of Law
Ben McKean, Political Science
Noah Tamarkin, Comparative Studies
Roger Beebe, Art
Amanda Robinson, Political Science
Barry Shank, Comparative Studies
Dani Leventhal, Art
Lilia Fernandez, History
Amy Cohen, Moritz College of Law
Pranav Jani, English
Koritha Mitchell, English
Tess Pugsley, Staff, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Krista Benson, GTS, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Mat Coleman, Geography
Mytheli Sreenivas, History and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Cinnamon Carlarne, Moritz College of Law
Ruth Colker, Moritz College of Law
Efthimios Parasidis, Moritz College of Law
Shannon Winnubst, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Joel Wainwright, Geography
Margaret Price, English
Enrico Zammarchi, GTA, Comparative Studies
Janelle Henderson, Staff, Moritz College of Law
Harvey Graff, Literacy Studies
Frederick Aldama, Arts & Humanities
Lauren Squires, English
Creola Johnson, Moritz College of Law
Charlie Wilson, Moritz College of Law
James Phelan, English
Wendy Hesford, English
Robyn Warhol, English
Thomas Davis, English
Jessica Rutherford, PhD Student, Spanish & Portuguese
Mike Bierschenk, Staff, English
Ana Elena Puga, Theater & Spanish & Portuguese
John Grinstead, Spanish & Portuguese
Brian McHale, English
Angela So, Graduate Student, English
Blake wilder, GTA, English
Rocio Isabel Prado, PhD Student, English
Gavin Johnson, PhD Student and GTA, English
Michael Shirzadian, PhD Student, English
James Griffith, Senior Lecturer, English
Joe Ponce, English
Galey Modan, English
Pritha Prasad, PhD Student, English
Marion Wolfe, PhD Student, English
Franco Barchiesi, African American and African Studies
Cricket Keating, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Lindsay Hodgens, Graduate Student, English
Pablo Tanguay, Staff, English
Zachary Harvat, GTA, English
Jill Galvan, English
Roger Cherry, English
Margaret Goscilo, Senior Lecturer, English
Angela Romines, Associated Faculty, English
Indya Jackson, PhD Student, English
Sarah Crosby, English
Paloma MartinezCruz,
Spanish & Portuguese
Andrew Sydlik, GTA, PhD Student, English
Jessie Male, PhD Student, English & Disability studies
Vidar Thorsteinsson, Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant, Comparative Studies
J. Brendan Shaw, Graduate Student, English
Jill K. Welch, Spanish & Portuguese
Frank Donoghue, English
Dana White, Graduate Student, Social Work
MaryKatherine Ramsey, Staff, College of Arts & Sciences
Sonnet Gabbard, PhD Student & GTA, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Katelyn Hartke, Graduate Student, English
Nicole Marie Pizarro Colón, Graduate Student, English
Erin Tobin, Graduate Student & GTI, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Sanford CaustEllenbogen,
Moritz College of Law
Laura Fernandez, Moritz College of Law
Margaret Price, English
Douglas Black, Staff, Wexner Medical Center
Brena Tai, Graduate Student, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Haley Swenson, PhD Student, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Jacinta Yanders, PhD Student, Department of English
Cady Vishniac, Distinguished University Fellow, MFA Fiction
Angus Fletcher, English
Michael Harwick,PhD Student, English
Zeynep Aydogdu, PhD Student, Comparative Studies
Matthew Connolly, PhD Student, English
Madeleine Smith, GTA, English
Jackie Stotlar, Staff, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Lynda Seelie, Staff, Moritz College of Law
Michael Blancato, Ph.D. Student, English
Elena Costello, Ph.D. Student, SPPO
Lauren Strand, PhD Student, GAA, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Mira A. Kafantaris, Senior Lecturer, English
Daniel OBrien, GTA, English
Veronica Torres Phd Student, Spanish & Portuguese
Clare Simmons, English
Franco Barchiesi, African American and African Studies
Navid Farnia, Ph.D. Student, African American and African Studies
Horace Newsum, African American and African Studies
Hannah Vidmar, Ph.D. Student, African American and African Studies
Sheneese Thompson, Ph.D. Student, African American and African Studies
Jasmin Howard, M.A. Student, , African American and African Studies
Ekundayo Igeleke, Staff, African American and African Studies
Curtis Austin, African American and African Studies
Molly Farrell, English
Julia Hawkins, Classics
Juno Parrenas, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Jacquelin Hedeman, GTA, English
Jennifer Suchland, Associate Professor, WGSS and Slavic and EE Languages and Cultures
Paula M. Miller, PhD Student, English
Roxann Wheeler, English
Tom Hawkins, Classics
Nina Yun, MFA Student, English
Karen Bruce Wallace, Senior Lecturer, English
Joey Kim, PhD Student & GTA, English
Nina Berman, Comparative Studies
Stacey Alex, GTA, Spanish and Portuguese
Gwen Cullen, Graduate Student, English
Lindsay Bernhagen, Staff, University Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Rebeka CamposAstorkiza,
Spanish and Portuguese
Marisol Becerra, PhD Student, GTA, School of Environment and Natural Resources
Cynthia Callahan, English, Mansfield Campus
Ethan Knapp, English
Shelby Slaven, Graduate Student, Public Administration
Tessa Jacobs, MA/PhD student, English and Folklore
Katherine Rybski, Social Work
Tiyi Morris, African American and African Studies
Clay Howard, History
Colleen Morrissey, PhD Student & GTA, English
Siddharth Srikanth, PhD Student, English
Elizabeth Marsch, Comparative Studies
Michelle Herman, English
Samantha Tucker Iacovetto, GTA and Graduate Student, English
Christian Supiot Perez, GTA, Spanish and Portuguese
Danielle Grevious, GTA, History
Alexandra Harlig, PhD Student, Dance
Ebony L. Bailey, PhD Student, English
Ben McCorkle, English
Rachel Miller, PhD Student & GTA, English Department
Ryan Skinner, Music & African American and African Studies
Zoe Brigley Thompson, VAP, English
Andrew Kinney, Lecturer, English
Eugene Holland, Comparative Studies
Cheikh Thiam, African American and African Studies
N. Michael Goecke, PhD Student, Musicology
Yonina Hoffman, PhD Student, English
Rebecca Mason, GTA, SPPO
Liseli Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. Student, African American and African Studies
Jesse Schotter, English
Birgitte Soland, History
Lee Martin, English
Linda Mizejewski, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Guyomar Louise Pillai, GTA, French and Italian
Marie Lerma, GTA, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Tatiana Faria, Graduate Student, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kelly Jo FulkersonDikuua,
African American and African Studies
Andy Lin, GTA, Sociology
Kylee Harwell, Staff, WOSU
Carl Laamanen, Ph.D. Student, English
Kristen Kolenz, PhD Student and GTA, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Jamie Goodall, PhD Student, History
Olivia Cosentino, GTA, Spanish and Portuguese
Leticia Wiggins, PhD Candidate, Department of History
Rachel Toliver, MFA Student, English
Mary Thomas, Womens, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Jordan Lovejoy, Graduate student, English
Jessica Lieberman, Graduate student, English
Mercedes Chavez, PhD Student, English
Eugenia Romero, Spanish & Portuguese
Kathleen Griffin, Staff, English
Ellen Deason, Moritz College of Law
Laura Podalsky, Spanish and Portuguese
Anne V.A. Malcolm, Ph.D. student, English
Chelsea Pflum, MA student, Spanish and Portuguese
Brad Bushman, Communication and Psychology
Scott Lloyd DeWitt, English
Rachel Benton, Staff, English
Gregory Jusdanis, Distinguished University Professor, Classics
Ulrich Heinz, Distinguished University Professor, Physics
Elaine Richardson, Education and Human Ecology
Sonia BasSheva Manjon, Arts Administration, Education, & Policy
William Minozzi, Political Science
Margot Kaminski, Moritz College of Law
Diane Florian, Staff, The Womens Place, Hale Hall
Meghan Dabkowski, PhD Candidate/GTA, Spanish and Portuguese
Verónica Betancourt, PhD Candidate, Arts Administration, Education, and Policy
George Rush, Art
David Crawford Jones, Senior Lecturer, African American and African Studies
Kathy Fagan Grandinetti, English
Zachary Paganini, Masters Student, Geography
Ernest Carranza Castelo, PhD Student, GTA, Spanish & Portuguese
Tim Bartley, Sociology
Meghan Dabkowski, PhD Candidate/GTA, Spanish and Portuguese
Trish Houston, Staff, English
Seth Josephson, Ph.D. Student and GTA, Comparative Studies
Wendy Smooth, Womens, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Krupal Amin, PhD Candidate, English
Hector Iglesias, PhD Student, Spanish and Portuguese
Cort Drake, PhD Student and GRA, Social Work
Brittany Warman, Graduate Student and GTA, English and Folklore
Erica Haugtvedt, Senior Lecturer, English
Lúcia Helena Costigan, Spanish & Portuguese
James Fredal, English
Joshua Anderson, PhD Candidate, English
Elizabeth Perego, PhD Candidate, History
Maija MiettinenHarris,
Jonathan Buehl, English
Deena Blackett, PhD Student, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Joni Acuff, Arts Administration Education and Policy
Alex Sterne, PhD Student, English
Emily K. Cody, GTA/PhD Student, English
Leta Hendricks, Librarian
Molly Olguin, Graduate Student, English
Winnie Sampson, Staff, College of Engineering
[more being collected]


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